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"ocr" was never properly tested and is not complete

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E.g. in needle editor you can click double on a green match area, turns red to mark exclude area, if you d-click again, turns yellow to mark OCR detection area. Problem is nobody knows how OCR is supposed to work, it's only proposed to work but does not seem to do.

EDIT: Actually, it's tested, see in os-autoinst t/02-test_ocr.t


  • Improve documentation
  • Remove broken stuff
  • Optional: Make OCR work properly
  • Improve documentation (again)
  • Allow OCR-only needles (#19918)

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Duplicated by openQA Project - action #19918: Allow OCR-only needles Rejected 20/06/2017


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ok, I think we don't need this ticket anymore. Time has shown that people are not hurt by having the feature in, we have a test within os-autoinst that covers the basics and stuff might work or not. We can still act on it when triggered by someone complaining again.

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