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Dashboard to integrate external tests

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The basic openQA service allow users to see current results in a read-only way: they can't rearrange or relaunch tests, for example.

But the computer capabilities of the public server are limited, and if the amount of application tests grow up (because there are contributors designing and deploying these tests), maybe we can't run all the tests.

With the dashboard we want to implement a way where a contributor can run a local openQA instance for a specific build, and publish and integrate the result report in the public server, where the rest of the community can see the full results.

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I'm not so sure this is still valid.

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Updated by aplanas over 9 years ago

Not as is described. But we need something like that if we have remote workers.

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closed for future

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when you say "closed for future", how do you know this ticket still exists? shouldn't it be open but just assigned to "future improvements"?

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I closed all "future improvements" to be reopened when we are in that future without other problems.

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Judging from my experience with project management and planning by software developers I assume this "future" will be … never.

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