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[qe-core] Introduce Kiwi tests

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We want to start small and add small kiwi testing for 15-SP4; Building a minimal thing like ALP could be an idea or even a smaller thing.

Note: This is about testing the kiwi package outside of OBS. I believe are the relevant examples - 000product for the FTP tree, ALP for the ALP media

This could kickstart (in some time) an end-to-end test, where we build the image to be deployed on XYZ systems that have I.E, Matomo Analytics for s390 or Pimcore for x86.

The first task here is to know how feasible it is to test kiwi with openQA, create an image and boot either a machine or a container with the generated images.

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Would it be something similar to

mloviska FYI

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jlausuch wrote:

Would it be something similar to

mloviska FYI

So, kiwi images are built on obs (those); I'd like to go further and build them locally across products.

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I built an openSUSE Leap 15.3 image using the kiwi-ng command and successfully used the same image to boot.
Now, I will follow the same steps to build the SLE 15 SP4 image.

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I was able to create the Kiwi image with the version 15-SP4 locally and I am trying to boot the ISO. Booting is successful but without an IP address from the DHCP server.

Initial run from openqa:

I am facing issues with the verification of the Kiwi build image -

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