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coordination #112115: [Epic] Finalize split of Core Maintenance Updates adding remaining test suites to YaST Maintenance Updates

Handle create_hdd_minimal_base+sdk+python2 in YaST Maintenance Updates

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See parent ticket #112115
Installing product modules 'development and 'python2' is covered already as part of the existing AutoYaST creation image create_hdd_yast_maintenance_minimal in YaST MU.
For the same reason, Core MU already covers this in mru-install-minimal-with-addons (until they will move this one to its own AutoYaST like in create_hdd_yast_maintenance_minimal).
In Kernel MU run 4 chained jobs which can be re-linked to mru-install-minimal-with-addons in Core (until Kernel squad will move to have their own AutoYaST image).

The plan for this test suite is to remove this test suite in Core MU and configure the parent switching.
In the future Kernel will migrate to AutoYaST.

AC1: Remove test suite 'create_hdd_minimal_base+sdk+python2' in Core Maintenance Update job group.
AC2: Reconfigure chained dependencies with jobs in Kernel MU to point to mru-install-minimal-with-addons in Core MU.


Test those Kernel job chained jobs with the new parent to avoid surprises (but the fact that we register a few more modules, like legacy, containers, etc. without actually including their patterns should not have any effect in theory).


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