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Fix collecting y2logs when system error occurs during installation

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The following job failed in Y Staging job group due to system error during installation, but y2logs are failed to collect. Please see the image attached to see how the error screen looks.

Steps to reproduce on BuildY31.1:

  1. Start installation with YDEBUG=1 and regurl=;
  2. Proceed through installer wizard to registration step;
  3. Fill in valid reg code and press "Next" button;
  4. Focus on the installer.

Actual result: The error occurs.

Failed Job:


  1. Fix y2logs to collect them after the system crashes due to system error (oorlov checked it manually, it is possible in the same way, as usually: change tty and collect logs);
  2. Provide VRs.

NOTE: As the iso may be removed from openQA when we'll pick up the ticket to work on and new builds may not contain the error, it may be not so easy to check if the fix works. The BuildY31.1 iso with the error can be downloaded here:

download.png (19.5 KB) download.png oorlov, 2021-11-18 16:28

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This is a run where fail occurs (with SLE-15-SP4-Online-x86_64-BuildY.31.1-Media1.iso on my openqa instance)

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