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09:37 am openQA Tests action #59932: caasp tests incomplete as caasp was removed
I think I forgot this:


01:59 pm openQA Tests action #58151: [transactional][microos] test fails in transactional_update
Sorry, not in my scope now.


10:11 am openQA Project action #33676: Group results by group name, not build number in parent_group_overview
CaaSP is not tested by openQA anymore - if not needed by others you can close this issue.


03:53 pm openQA Project action #35140 (Resolved): Parallel job don't see mutex of sibling


09:38 am openQA Tests action #51296: [functional][u][aarch64][ppc64le][s390x] test fails in transactional_update - miss...
Ah, I see :)
AC 3,4 should be met.
About AC 1,2 - we don't need INSTALLONLY for HDD export, we run 1 scenario per...
09:12 am openQA Tests action #51296 (Resolved): [functional][u][aarch64][ppc64le][s390x] test fails in transactional_up...
All tests are green in SLE 15 / Functional group.
What do you mean by "not passing"? Where can I see acceptance crit...


10:55 am openQA Tests action #31588 (Closed): [microos] Add MicroOS role test into openQA
Still no MicroOS role on CaaSP, closing until it's implemented (if)
10:53 am openQA Tests action #33730 (Resolved): [microos] Test fails to find conformance test results
10:52 am openQA Tests action #27991 (Resolved): [microos] Test retry on failed orchestrations


02:24 pm openQA Tests action #33787 (Resolved): [microos] Add tests for add master nodes / removal of nodes

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