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Move opensuse tests schedule to separate folder

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Currently, almost all the schedule files for opensuse from YaST job group contain _opensuse suffix and placed under yast directory.

While making bulk change in yast schedules it requires a lot of attention to not introduce unnecessary changes in opensuse schedules.

Also, spreading those tests over yast folder makes them harder to find and identify of what schedules already created for opensuse and what are still use directly.




  1. Create opensuse/ folder under schedule/; Optional: make opensuse/yast/ or /yast/opensuse/ sub-folder in case it is feasible to have the tests grouped in that way to highlight areas of responsibility of yast team (discuss in team);
  2. Move all opensuse schedules from yast folder to the recently created (the ones that contain _opensuse suffix);
  3. Also, copy schedules that are used for opensuse and do not contain _opensuse suffix, but located in yast folder and move them to the recently created folder;
  4. Update existing opensuse Job Groups to use the schedules from new folder.

NOTE: Don't be afraid to introduce duplicated schedules right now. The approach to reduce duplications will be implemented in scope of another ticket. Right now the goal is to make schedules more transparent and know what is scheduled where. Without that knowledge it is hard to implement improvements in the existing schedule process.

Please, see that info as additional help:


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