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Build Tagging

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user stories

  • As a QA SLE product manager I want to be able to review the results from older builds for documentation reasons like I am used to with testopia
  • As an openQA instance administrator I want to keep complete results only for "important builds" available in the live instance of openQA to use only reasonable amount of disk space

acceptance criteria

  • tagged builds have a special mark making them distinguishable from other builds (e.g. a star icon)
  • tagged builds (along with all test results) are not deleted by tidy up scripts


  1. tag icon on group overview on important build

    • Given 'group_overview' page
    • When user creates comment with tag:<build_ref>:important
    • Then on page 'group_overview' rendering icon is shown on important builds
  2. mark build as non-important build

    • Given a comment tag:<build_ref>:important exists on a job group comments
    • When user creates another comment with tag:<build_ref>:-important
    • Then on page 'group_overview' build <build_ref> is not shown as important
  3. no cleanup of important builds

    • Given a comment tag:<build_ref>:important exists on a job group comments
    • When GRU cleanup task is run
    • And job OR job_group OR asset linked to build which is marked as important by comment as above
    • Then "important builds" are skipped from cleanup


  1. save important flag in job groups table
    • Given a logged user and on the group_overview page of any product
    • When user creates comment with tag:<build_ref>:important
    • Then save flag important in database table job_groups

further explanation

We need to implement Build tagging so we can identify when product builds (and their test results) are important - betas, alphas, GMCs, etc

This needs to be shown on the Dashboard, as well as used by any tidy up scripts (we never want to delete any test results from tagged builds)

  • Every job within a build should be considered important -> no need to distinguish last jobs and retries or similar
  • No need to preserve the group overview as shown when the build was declared important -> no need to save information on "last jobs". Alternative approach to save this information: Save the rendered HTML page, e.g. could be saved as PDF/A and hashed

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Precedes openQA Project - action #11052: Extensions on build and job taggingResolved2015-11-14

Copied to openQA Project - action #11072: Always finish important buildsResolvedokurz2015-11-13


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