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wrong label carry-over to a job where an additional module failed before the one failing in before

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Observation shows which failed in "gnome_music" and was marked with . The next job in the scenario is which failed in "zypper_clear_repos" and then "gnome_music", so different modules and even one before "gnome_music". But still the bug was carried over which is unexpected.
The problem in "zypper_clear_repos" might have been missed as the job is automatically labelled with a bug that only applies to "gnome_music".

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: No carry-over happening when a new module fails in before the original one


Related issues

Related to openQA Project - action #94880: Carry-over despite mismatch of failing job modulesResolved2021-06-29


#1 Updated by mkittler 29 days ago

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With all referenced jobs cleaned up this ticket is not workable. However, I created #94880 yesterday which is likely about the same problem (but with more recent jobs). The the PR likely fixes the issue - although it is hard to tell what the exact issue was at this point.

I would therefore just consider this ticket resolved as soon as #94880 is resolved.

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  • Related to action #94880: Carry-over despite mismatch of failing job modules added

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I'm marking this as resolved because fixes problems with the carry-over and at this point it is not possible to figure out what specific problem this issue is about because all referenced jobs have already been cleaned up.

#5 Updated by okurz 23 days ago

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thank you. Good call!

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