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[y] Grouping of test suites in openQA

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It is to have a way to group test suites in groups that are growing a lot so we can visualize it properly and we have everything in one place. Example where would be useful: our YaST group and in Tumbleweed as well to create section that could match somehow teams working in SLE.

Current approach

Currently it is possible to have separated groups which requires more maintenance in control version and you don't have everything in one place, and although you can play with a query and aggregate result by url we are looking for something more obvious in the UI. Another current approach is to use FLAVOR setting to do the grouping but it is a hack and bring issues when cloning from some ficticious flavor to another.


Add a category/group/tag name to a test suite. When displaying it instead of nesting frames (which could be tricky for visualization), Inside of each flavor, we could create those sections allowing the use of slashes within the category name so the nesting would work similar to file system paths (nice to have: those sections could be expandable/contractable)
Assuming the existing hierarchy of the test results overview page is simply deduced from the job settings and a job is simply shown within a certain "Flavor: …" section if it has a job setting FLAVOR=…. It doesn't really matter where the flavor comes from (test suites, job templates, manually posted job, …). Maybe it makes sense to follow the existing approach, e.g. jobs which have the variable CATEGORY=… would be shown within a sub section "…" of the "Flavor: …" section.

Sketch of the idea

   > storage/raid
Test           aarch64 ..........
|  Test 1
|  Test 2
   > storage/lvm
|  Test 3
|  Test 4
FLAVOR: Online

Related issues

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