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2020-10-06 18:00 UTC: openSUSE Heroes meeting October 2020

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Where: irc:// IRC channel
When: 2020-10-06 18:00 UTC / 20:00 CEST
Who: The openSUSE Heroes team and everybody else!

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  • Questions and answers from the community
  • status reports about everything
  • review old tickets
  • discuss infrastructure admins policies


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  • Checklist changed from [ ] Questions and answers from the community, [ ] status reports about everything, [ ] review old tickets to [ ] Questions and answers from the community, [ ] status reports about everything, [ ] review old tickets, [ ] discuss infrastructure admins policies

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2020-10-06 18:00 UTC heroes meeting

main minute taker: bmwiedemann


  • Questions and answers from the community
    • matrix login - blocked on openid-Connect providing the right metadata to ; bmwiedemann+lcp need to find time to debug
  • status reports about everything
    • ML
      • tested that DKIM signatures can be kept valid if footer is disabled and subject is not tagged
      • need to communicate upcoming changes with community
      • want to change tagging with the switch to mailman3 - can be done within 1 day?
        • can already import mlmmj archives to speed up final sync
        • migrate heroes ML
      • list name changes
      • AI: Per to prepare wiki page for migration
      • AI: Per to send wiki link to opensuse-project
        • We're probably going to BCC everyone
    • lcp and Neal to prepare talk for openSUSE Conference
      • topic will be about how we consolidate a platform to let people contribute well to openSUSE
      • lcp: forums (discourse) are troublesome
      • pagure
      • accounts
      • mailman3
    • Neal started packaging RedHat bugzilla software
      • useful OBS bugowners (was also available in old
      • has external bugtracker tracking feature
      • has List-Id | X-Loop header so that gmail filtering works
      • should we upstream features needed by both SUSE and RedHat? E.g. having user tags about seeing certain groups of bugs - could be a plugin?
    • cboltz: provo-mirror is still outdated
      • home repos excluded to give it a chance to catch up
      • rsync bandwidth is low ~ <100MBit/s
      • currently running with latest rsync (from devel repo) because of broken --compress, but still sometimes breaks with --compress
      • will need to test latest rsync on the server side too
    • SSL/acme broken from nginx http=>https redirect
    • Neal plans to import salt into private pagure repo and integrate with Jenkins CI
      • split pillar into private submodule repo would make PRs hard
      • better: have a full private repo and Jenkins publishes a sanitized version without secrets
  • review old tickets
  • discuss infrastructure admins policies
    • lcp: github admins have 2FA enabled
      • should we add security policies about heroes + infrastructure
      • noggin / freeIPA has feature to enforce 2FA for members of a relevant group
      • noggin can be integrated into github?
  • video conference was appreciated by most participants
    • robin_listas had technical problems - will debug in small session
  • AI: RKlein to setup new pagure VM with Leap 15.2 with 100GB data disk
    • bmwiedemann wants to import 13000 Factory packages in git there

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