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[y] gitlab-ci needs another stage for verify_file_existence

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We used to create new files in new PR. We usually have a test PR open while we create a MR to the qa-sle-functional-y. And this makes the test pipeline to fail. Which it should not.
There are many solutions.

My propose is to create another stage in pipeline which will suit our logic.


ci_stage_poc.png (9.88 KB) ci_stage_poc.png merging_stage ybonatakis, 2020-07-02 15:09
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I would say this is an overkill, re-triggerind pipeline after PR is merged is the best thing, as if you assume that PR will get merged, there is no guarantee that this will happen before MR (PR denotes github, MR denotes gitlab). So tbh, I would reject this item. Pipeline should fail in the described case.
The only rational I can suggest from the description that we re-trigger pipeline automatically in some way, but that won't be easy.

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Updated by ybonatakis over 3 years ago

the simplest solution comes with the PR above and it results in a representation of the pipeline as in the screenshot.


When a merge-request comes in the test stage runs. Then when this PR is reviewed and ready to merge the reviewer can trigger the merging stage

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Updated by ybonatakis about 3 years ago

Another solution that will make the test stage run against the associate test repository.
the commit i provide needs some improvements as to work properly needs two basic variables, github username and branch name. i used $GITLAB_USER_LOGIN which will work in case the username is the same between gitlab and github accounts. $CI_COMMIT_TITLE is not in any use as it is. But i thought that i could reuse this and get from there the branch name.
I will take a look in the upcoming week.

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Idea was not clear and we didn't find why would we need separate stage.


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