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Upgrade Test from invis-Server 14.1 to 14.2

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Before release of 14.2 we should do an upgrade test from 14.1 to 14.2 based on leap 15.1.

14.2 should be just a feature and bugfix release, but to be compatible with the upcoming leap 15.2 we had to build new samba and sssd packages which are much newer than the distribution packages. Installing the invisAD-setup-14 (14.2) package forces an upgrade of sssd and samba. This means a release without a upgrade test is dangerous.

Perhaps we should ship 14.2 as an intermediate package on the way to invis-server 15.0 just like 13.5 was.


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The other possibility is to renumber 14.2 to 15.0.
Feedback wanted!

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I think 14.1 to the 14.2 is an update, not an upgrade. Thus 14.2 is a 14.2, not an 15. Samba is our package, only updated. sssd and chrony are no changes that I think we change the mayor version number, because these do not break any "APIs" or make something incompatible with the 14.1.

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To prevent upgrade problems i've created a neu samba stable sub-repository in OBS called "413" (

We should do this for every as stable testet samba version in spins:invis:15:unstable:samba.

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