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12:34 pm invisAD-setup action #40241: Switch to chrony as timeserver
It seams SUSE likes to keep the "old" version in 15.x leap. Any chance to push them to switch to the new version? It ...


06:06 pm invisAD-setup action #54860: Firewall: NAT Rules for inbound Routing via VPN are missing.
vpn steht in der Liste der internen Devices. Mir ist nicht klar warum man da überhaupt extra Regeln dafür braucht. So...


12:17 pm invisAD-setup action #51920 (In Progress): invis-Server Setup Test with openSUSE Leap 15.1
openSUSE Leap 15.1 repos to all spins:invis:15:* projects added


04:36 pm invisAD-setup action #46121: CalDAV to CalDAV synchronization (Server to Server)
The problem is: The %pytest macro is undefined in the old python-rpm-macros-package used in leap.
Now you can:
* ...


06:08 pm invisAD-setup action #51386: invis-Server should be compatile with Btrfs.
My experience with BTFS in tumbleweed in the last years:
Pro: Snapshots are taken automatically on every installat...


04:02 pm invisAD-setup action #46121: CalDAV to CalDAV synchronization (Server to Server)
What is in the config-files? If a user needs to store his password there, I think it should be in his home.


12:43 pm invisAD-setup action #45731: Bug: firewalld is blocking everything until it's restarted
firewalld does not start to early. It works on my system. I am unable to reproduce this issue.


12:49 pm invisAD-setup action #25704: Use kerberos authentication for nfs shares
Tests at FrOSCon 13 failed with "permission denied". Very strange: after restarting sssd in the running system it suc...


09:12 am invisAD-setup action #40241 (In Progress): Switch to chrony as timeserver
chrony is default since Leap 15. chrony in Leap is not compiled with sign support (needed for samba AD DC). Since 3.8...


02:13 pm invisAD-setup action #39161: Build a new invisAD-setup Version 13.5
We do not need z-push-ipc-memcached (= Stores volatile states (Interprocess communication) in a memcache server. Reco...

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