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10:03 am invisAD-setup action #43424 (New): Add the functionality to create kopano-ressources to the user management ins...
Kopano resources are shared store users with additional attributes "zarafaResourceType" and "zarafaResourceCapacity"....


04:10 pm invisAD-setup action #27096: Use samba 4.7 with MIT kerberos
First test looks good.
02:21 pm invisAD-setup action #27096: Use samba 4.7 with MIT kerberos
New apparmor profiles added. Now we have to test it.


12:42 pm invisAD-setup action #36079: Modify sine2 / invisAD-setup to be compatible with leap 15
kopano repos upgraded
12:40 pm invisAD-setup action #43313 (New): Create an upgrade path from samba 4.6 ti 4.7 with MIT kerberos
We have to do upgrade tests with our heimdal based samba 4.6 setups to samba 4.7 with MT kerberos
12:38 pm invisAD-setup action #27096: Use samba 4.7 with MIT kerberos
We still have no apparmor profiles for samba 4.7
12:36 pm invisAD-setup action #39161: Build a new invisAD-setup Version 13.5
Setup package is ready, but not enough testet. The package version number is changed to 13.5
12:30 pm invisAD-setup action #36003 (Resolved): Switch to dehydrated package from distribution
Job done. invis-server ships now an own hook-script and timerd-Unit wil be activated by sine2.


10:00 am invisAD-setup action #33736 (Closed): Renewing the Kopano configuration files
Everything works with Kopano 8.6.7 from the Kopano limited repositories.
-> We could open a new ticket for the upc...


04:47 pm invisAD-setup action #29909 (Closed): Upgrade to PHP7
Job done

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