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Add the possibility to apply rootfs overlays on qcow2/raw images

Added by ggardet_arm 11 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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It would be great to have the possibility to apply rootfs overlays on qcow2/raw images.

For example, this would allow to apply a wlan0 config (on generalhw backend) for systems without Ethernet, but with WiFi, such as the Hikey960.


#1 Updated by ggardet_arm 11 months ago

  • Subject changed from Add the possibility to apply overlays on qcow2/raw images to Add the possibility to apply rootfs overlays on qcow2/raw images
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#2 Updated by okurz 9 months ago

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Hm, where would you rootfs come from? Maybe you could provide a proof-of-concept how you would create or where to get the rootfs from? In principle test code can run arbitrary code so you could merge the content from a rootfs overlay into the fs of a mounted qcow image and use that one for further tests

#3 Updated by ggardet_arm 9 months ago

The rootfs could be an archive pointed by HDD_1_OVERLAY0 var and statically stored in fixed/ asset folder or downloaded from HDD_1_OVERLAY0_URL.

#4 Updated by okurz 9 months ago

I see. So is the important point for you that multiple rootfs overlays can be stored as openQA assets with different configuration and parameterized so that one can combine them within test configurations?

Again, currently I don't see any issue that should block that from openQA or os-autoinst point of view. Custom assets can be provided to tests (not only "iso" or "hdd"), see . Given that one could follow #67468#note-2 to apply the overlay within the test flow.

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