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08:16 openQA Tests action #75247: [desktop] ibus_installation: ibus-pinyin no longer exists
okurz wrote:
> see above comments
It looks like the problem is different now. Likely due to the GNOME stack update.


13:47 openQA Tests action #65633: [opensuse][phub] test fails in gdal: kernel log on terminal from libgcrypt test
okurz wrote:
> @ggardet_arm as test module maintainer, can you take a look?
This is a problem from libgcrypt test...
08:41 qe-yast action #93630 (Closed): test fails in bootcode_options on aarch64
## Observation
openQA test in scenario opensuse-Tumbleweed-DVD-aarch64-yast2_gui@aarch64 fails in


07:57 qe-yast action #92737 (Closed): yast2_gui fails on aarch64 since update on x86 only
`yast2_gui` fails on aarch64 since it now requires a disk image with 'libyui' suffix.
The update has been done for x...
07:13 openQA Tests action #56768: [qe-core][qem] Add the possibility to enroll certificates in edk2 in openQA
tjyrinki_suse wrote:
> This is a really old ticket where also some more concrete planning should be done if it's sti...


09:48 openQA Tests action #92398: gnuhealth does not test gnuhealth anymore (same with mediacheck)
Same with Mediacheck:
This is likely a general issue which must be addre...
06:09 openQA Tests action #92398 (Resolved): gnuhealth does not test gnuhealth anymore (same with mediacheck)
gnuhealth does not test gnuhealth anymore. See:
* aarch64:
* x86_64: htt...


18:10 openQA Infrastructure action #72079 (Resolved): Upgrade o3 worker openqa-aarch64 to openSUSE Leap 15.2 (to use newer packages specifically needed for aarch64 and as precursor), also problem auto_review:"(?s)starting: /usr/bin/qemu-system-aarch64.*backend died: Migrate to file failed"
okurz wrote:
> @ggardet_arm how do you see the current situation in 2021?
It works properly now. :)


09:13 openQA Tests action #88948: [opensuse][qe-core] [sporadic] test fails in reboot_gnome
zluo wrote:
> after a talk with @szarate we cannot fix this issue at moment. For Tumbleweed DVD-installation on aarc...
07:15 openQA Tests action #88930 (Feedback): [sporadic] hexchat takes time to disconnect

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