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coordination #14626: [epic] backend and console capabilities interface to increase extensibility and code reuse

Raw text console capability

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  • Replace is_serial_terminal in favor of direct_write_text.

This is the console analogue of #67426.


#1 Updated by rpalethorpe over 2 years ago

'direct_write_text' could be a totally valid function on a graphical/VNC backend IMO. It is important to know we are switching to a 'serial terminal'/stty which is pure character stream including control characters.

Maybe this is two capabilities, one to say text is transmitted 'directly' or quickly and another saying it is a serial terminal? You could have a none-serial-terminal based console where you can transmit text I/O quickly/directly.

The important thing is that the developer knows that the text stream will be transformed by the kernel because it will go through the TTY layer, console drivers etc., then will also be transformed by the shell (e.g. bash). There is quite a lot of difference between using SSH and virtio serial port (i.e. a true serial console) for example. You will get a lot more race conditions and weird behavior with a true serial port connected to a TTY Vs SSH. However both of them allow you to write text efficiently (which is what I think of when you say 'direct').

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