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11:06 am openQA Infrastructure action #47858 (In Progress): [u] test fails in first_boot - pflash overlay deleted causing: mkdir...
The inner error message appears to be from the file system:


01:12 pm openQA Project action #45836: [tools] qcow images mismatch in size
> "format": "raw"
On failed jobs
> "format": "qcow2"
On job that boots (and also the sizes change), so the i...


10:02 am openQA Project action #46742: test incompletes trying to revert to qemu snapshot "Could not open backing file: C...
It is very unusual to get this message when absolute paths are being used. Possibly it is actually telling the truth ...


01:37 pm openQA Tests action #46589: [functional][u] Create separate git project for common GNU/Linux functionality
Just vendor (copy and paste) the libs you want. In a project this size and complexity you generally want to avoid cre...


10:21 am openQA Tests action #45032 (Feedback): [kernel] ltp_syscalls_m32@64bit is missing parent job
job group had wrong install job, waiting for next test run


07:50 am openQA Project action #43229: Could openQA automatic takeover more than 1 known bsc/poo
I will implement this in JDP instead of OpenQA (it could still be implemented in OpenQA as well).


09:44 am openQA Project action #42410: openQA worker broken after a fresh install on openSUSE Tumbleweed for AArch64
I think the workaround is to copy or link `/usr/share/qemu/aavmf-aarch64-vars.bin` to `/var/lib/openqa/share/factory/...


09:59 am openQA Project action #40913: script_output sometimes fail on virtio console
Assuming that EOT is handled specially by the terminal and converted into a signal at some early stage, then it may b...


02:35 pm openQA Project action #40538 (Workable): [tools] Reset/Clear guest RAM when it reboots in QEMU to reduce RAM sna...
I am reasonably happy with ballooning for now, although it doesn't seem to work perfectly. However the PR needs revie...
02:28 pm openQA Project action #40538: [tools] Reset/Clear guest RAM when it reboots in QEMU to reduce RAM snapshot size
Also from the bugzilla thread:
Alexander Graf from comment #19
QEMU's RAM migration code treats all...

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