13:45 openQA Project action #92533: Module-centric test result overview
I have started a related project to port the useful parts of JDP (i.e. bug tagging) to Django/Python: http://10.162.1...


07:20 openQA Tests action #15700 (Rejected): [LTP][OpenQA] ima,tpm: need TPM
pvorel eventually worked on this. This ticket is superseded. Old ticket cleanup.
07:18 openQA Tests action #15678 (Resolved): [LTP][OpenQA] misc: acpi_test_dev_callback fails
We don't run the tests with kernel modules. Old ticket cleanup.
07:16 openQA Tests action #15622 (Resolved): [LTP][OpenQA] commands: mail test claims mail fail is not reported
we either fixed it or disabled the test. Old ticket clearup.


11:14 openQA Project action #90347: Support for downloading snapshots
I'm not sure if we already had a ticket for this. But anyway, yes we could tar up the qemu_state.json, qcow2 images a...


09:40 openQA Tests action #68666: openQA cache download failure "runtest-files-opensuse-Tumbleweed-ppc64le-20200704-DVD@ppc64le-with-ltp.qcow2.tar.gz"
I removed `+ASSET_1` from all the LTP test suites, because we now take the runtest files from the VM image during `bo...


09:49 openQA Tests action #68666: openQA cache download failure "runtest-files-opensuse-Tumbleweed-ppc64le-20200704-DVD@ppc64le-with-ltp.qcow2.tar.gz"
09:43 openQA Tests action #68666 (Resolved): openQA cache download failure "runtest-files-opensuse-Tumbleweed-ppc64le-20200704-DVD@ppc64le-with-ltp.qcow2.tar.gz"
Looks good except for a few jobs which probably failed due to the network outage.
07:17 openQA Tests action #68666 (Feedback): openQA cache download failure "runtest-files-opensuse-Tumbleweed-ppc64le-20200704-DVD@ppc64le-with-ltp.qcow2.tar.gz"
Sorry! We removed these runtest assets, but didn't update the test_suites on o3. I have now updated the test suites s...


08:47 openQA Project coordination #14626: [epic] backend and console capabilities interface to increase extensibility and code reuse
Added some members of the kernel qa team as watchers. Changing things like is_serial_terminal could have big effect o...

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