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easily pluggable reproducer injection

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(This might be a task with a bit more discussion.)

From security point of view, we occasionaly want to add security reproducer testcases easily to openqa.

one case would be e.g. ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick.

Here our security reproducers usually fall into:

  • identify IMAGE -> crash
  • valgrind identify IMAGE -> valgrind errors / and leaks
  • convert IMAGE output.jpg -> crash
  • valgrind convert IMAGE output.jpg -> valgrind errors / and leaks

As there is a small number of possible testscenarios adding of testimages could even be done without any adjustments to run scripts, or more trivial adjustments.

So something in the form of "data/imagemagick/", but more simple.

What I want to avoid is that we need to setup our own openqa just to test it, but more throw it over the fence style submissions.

Related issues

Related to openQA Project - action #48644: Dynamic scheduling of small script snippets to execute, e.g. scripts as downloadable assetsNew2018-06-08


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This is actually a duplicate of #48644 . I have recorded your user story into the other ticket. It is hard to give a generic solution to "just run a script" because the prerequisities might differ a lot, e.g. do you want to boot to a graphical desktop or just textmode. What is already easily possible: With you can trigger tests easily on production instances where you would just do minor changes to existing tests, e.g. fork , adjust where needed and trigger as described in the docs. You can select "interesting test modules" when triggering tests as well, e.g. then you could add the test parameters "SCHEDULE=tests/boot/boot_to_desktop,tests/my_test" to just execute the two modules for booting and your custom script.

May I ask, what do you need openQA for in this particular case? Why not for example a container or OBS run?

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see recommendations in #62387#note-1

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