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logs of virtio_console1 and later not visible in web UI live view or assets tab

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If you enable the later virtio_consoles with VIRTIO_CONSOLE_NUM=2 or higher and then use them with e.g. select_console('root-virtio-terminal1');, you have two issues:

  1. The output from those consoles doesn't appear in the live serial log, because it is being sent to virtio_console1.log , but the live log does not follow that file

  2. virtio_console1.log does actually get uploaded as an asset, and if you know that you can manually browse to it - e.g. - but it is not shown in the web UI 'Logs & Assets' tab: note that nothing at would tell you that virtio_console1.log is available for viewing, even though it is

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: openQA does not hardcode an incomplete list of console log files
  • AC2: All console log files recorded by os-autoinst are displayed in the assets tab
  • AC3: Content from all serial terminal files are displayed in live view


  • Use the information from os-autoinst about which console log files are available, e.g. either by relying on a convention on file names, result directories or a list of console log files in a file
  • Ensure all files show up in assets tab
  • Either merge content from serial terminal files into live view display frame or create one frame for each file
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Updated by AdamWill over 4 years ago

For the record, that PR will make the logs for the second console show up on the 'Logs & Assets' tab. It doesn't fix the live log, and logs for third and later consoles won't show up unless the change from is made more sophisticated.

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