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[openqa-client] make --form visible in the help output

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openqa-client has a hidden parameter, the --form parameter, which is necessary for some calls. it should be in the help output with a proper description

i try to make a API call to job_templates_scheduling/num:id using post with openqa-client and because of the big size of the yaml file passed to the template, it returns 414 - Request-URI Too Long.

For example the following command

openqa-client --host --apikey xxx --apisecret yyy job_templates_scheduling/1 post --form schema=JobTemplates-01.yaml preview=0 template="$(cat JobGroups/SLE_15_YaST.yaml)"

without the --form is failing with Error 414 - Request-URI Too Long
because JobGroups/SLE_15_YaST.yaml is too big. Although with a small yaml file the call works even without the parameter, but it doesnt seem to be the right approach.


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We should have a --file parameter if we want yaml to be uploaded

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(and document both --file and --form)

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Note that there's no --file but there's --params to read parameters from a JSON file. It is already documented but likely not useful to post YAML because one needed to prepare a JSON file like {"template":"products: {}\nscenarios: {}"}.

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