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convert staging job groups to YAML

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Someone decided it's a good idea to ditch the old web UI editor for job groups hence we need to switch all job groups to YAML. Doing that for staging "ourselves", I mean within the QA tools team, might give us some feedback that we can learn from.


#1 Updated by cdywan 6 months ago

I picked up Staging: SLE 12 and I agree it's proving to be insightful.

#2 Updated by cdywan 6 months ago

It's worth noting products like Installer-DVD-Staging:B are rejected by the JSON schema, wheras we also have Staging-B-DVD, so I just went ahead with renaming products using a colon (:).

#3 Updated by cdywan 6 months ago

I further more took over Staging: SLE 15 and Staging: CaasP.

#4 Updated by cdywan 6 months ago

I became aware that the related progress wasn't added here, so I'm retroactively documenting this effort: had to be adapted to account for renamed products:

  • Server-DVD-Staging:A -> Server-DVD-A-Staging
  • Installer-DVD-Staging:A -> Installer-DVD-A-Staging

The filename for the scheduling YAML for autoyast had to be fixed since it fell out of the naming pattern.

SLE 12 SP5 has failures right now. I hadn't much success so far tracking down the root cause.

  • Staging variants of tests were replaced with regular tests in the YAML, instead defining settings in-place.
  • YAML_SCHEDULE: schedule/staging/%TEST%@%MACHINE%.yaml is apparently not expanded correctly and the filename can contain the wrong machine.

Right now I'm looking into working around the expansion issues to get things back to a working state and not block on a fix.

#5 Updated by lkocman 6 months ago

Just to note that actual conversation about current SLE-12 staging reviews with autobuild resulted into Coolo pointing back to this ticket. So it seems fully in your hands.
The conversation was started to ensure that issues are not on autobuild side.

#6 Updated by cdywan 5 months ago

See #56876 for the fix of the failures mentioned above.

#7 Updated by coolo 5 months ago

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This is done, no?

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