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Certs for infra openVPN expired

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I cannot connect to the infra VPN anymore. I need it to access the
boosters machine, which hosts connect.o.o and the TSP application.

I was debugging it with Martin Caj and looks like I need to renew my
openvpn certs (some logs say "TLS: tls_process: killed expiring key").

My username is ancorgs, btw. Martin just generated a fresh password for
me today.


Ancor González Sosa
YaST Team at SUSE Linux GmbH


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VPN still works for me, so at least it isn't a generic problem.

I'm not an expert in reading openvpn logs, but to me it looks like the password authentification failed.

Just to exclude the most boring error - you used your new password for the VPN login, right?

It could also be that sssd is doing funny[tm] things (would be new for the VPN, but is a well-known problem for ssh where it randomly caches "no authorized_keys for $user" even if the user has uploaded a public key in FreeIPA). I just restarted sssd on scar (the VPN server) just in case this guess is right ;-)

That all said - can you please try again? If it still fails, feel free to ping me on IRC for live debugging.

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Since the NetworkManager configuration in my laptop still didn't work with the new password and the new cert files, I created a whole new non-NetworkManager configuration in my workstation and that worked like a charm. I'm already logged in into boosters.infra.o.o.

So likely it was always an error on my side, sorry for the troubles.

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