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Better logging from scheduler+working why jobs are *not* picked up

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A common problem that openQA newcomers hit is: "Why does openQA not pick up my scheduled jobs?". The reasons can be multiple, e.g. typo in the created job (#51932) or workers.ini, mismatch in data protocol, etc. The scheduler in "debug"-mode already gives an overview on each scheduling tick how many workers it found, how many are free, how many jobs need scheduling, etc. In case no scheduled job was assigned to a worker though more output would be helpful to find out what did not match.


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This looks like it might overlap with my refactoring of the scheduler, so i'll give it a try.

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This might be fun to see if you have 1 worker and 1 job, but if you 3000 jobs and 300 workers, which job did not fit which worker can easily be a million line of logs - every couple of seconds.

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This would be an extra option

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ok, I guess this won't happen

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