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Expose logs from OSD

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There seems to be interest on having logs from OSD (like rsync logs) exposed from osd, as a suggestion mgriessmeier proposed: but since it's a docker thing that would need to run, this would mean a bit more load to osd.


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As an alternative, we could use netcat to forward to a graphite database so that results could be seen with a grafana instance (

Another 'quicker' one would be to either allow downloading them from certain location.

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Please be aware that I see this just as valid for o3 and therefore it's related to the bigger story #36778 which wants to provide a complete pipeline overview also to external contributors, e.g. openSUSE Leap 15.0 aarch64 by guillaume_g, etc.

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The approach regarding syncing and triggering has been resolved with and alike. E.g. should have all necessary output. Also, we improved in case of incomplete jobs to show the "reason" for incompletes. I guess this resolves this ticket then.

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