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[qe-core][functional][tools][desktop][saga][ipmi] Notebook hardware testing

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SUSE-IT apparently has notebook evaluation hardware available and ready for testing. This hardware could have additional management interfaces that we would need to interface with how we already do with our "ipmi" backends, namely an IPMI management interface, serial-to-ethernet, etc. Given that testing notebook support is so far limited for us this might be a good opportunity to drive that forward.

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: stable openQA tests exist for openSUSE/SLE executed on notebook evaluation hardware
  • AC2: A process has been documented how new hardware platforms will be incorporated into tests

Further details

sysrich mentioned that dlittle from SUSE-IT has evaluation hardware available and also that SUSE would get a hold of more recent hardware also in the future

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let's focus more on improving our current tests and workflows first. Putting to "holding tank" :)

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This isn't a priority for us at the moment, maybe Yifan would be interested, but we'd need to figure out who could provide the new hardware, since DeeAnn is not with us anymore.

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I had my time to play with such hardware, setting it up was a pain, and in the end a failed experiment.

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