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Combine z-push and owncloud vHosts

Added by flacco almost 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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A lot of possible recipients of an owncloud share-link are behind of a proxy server. The most proxy servers block the access to ports different from the standard http(s) ports 80 and 443.


#1 Updated by flacco almost 5 years ago

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I added the ownCloud apache configuration to the z-push vHost. In cases we have this vHost activated (with kopano Groupware for example), we ship ownCloud over this vHost.

It's not tested yet.

#2 Updated by kfreitag almost 5 years ago

Can you briefly explain what the problem with ownCloud is here? The share links are also going via the standard ports, no? What do I overlook? Thanks :-)

#3 Updated by ingogoeppert almost 5 years ago

It is not a "ownCloud" problem, it is a problem with our default apache configuration. We run the different applications (our portal, z-push, webapp, owncloud...) on different ports. It is "historisch gewachsen" ;-) We will change this to use the default ports (80, 443) in future.

#4 Updated by flacco over 4 years ago

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invis servers apache vhost setup is renewed, now we have to test it.

#5 Updated by flacco over 4 years ago

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First invis-servers with the new vHost setup are in productive use. Everything looks good.

#6 Updated by ingogoeppert over 4 years ago

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#7 Updated by flacco over 4 years ago

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#8 Updated by flacco over 4 years ago

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I close this ticket. For the future we have to have a closer look at our apache setup.

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