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Needle editor confused by identically-named needles in different folders

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Previously filed on Github issues, but coolo closed that issue tracker.

A while back, a change got merged that allows needles to be organized into subfolders (they don't all have to be in the top-level folder any more).

As a consequence of this, it's now possible to have multiple different needles with the same filename - say, /path/to/distri/needles/gnome/login_screen.(json,jpg) and /path/to/distri/needles/kde/login_screen.(json,jpg). But if you do this, various bits of the webUI get a bit confused by it. Particularly, the needle editor will show entries in its drop-down boxes for two needles with the same name (or three, or however many identically-named needles have the relevant tag), but whichever of the drop-down entries you pick, will actually show the metadata (tags, match areas etc.) from only one of the identically-named needles. The needle match review on the overview screen acts similarly - if you click on the thumbnail, you'll see a dropdown with two or more entries for the same needle name, but whichever of the entries on the menu you click, it'll show the match comparison for the same needle; you can never get it to show the match comparison for any of the other identically-named needles.

You can obviously work around this by never duplicating needle names even in different subdirectories, so it's not critical.


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