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job dependency highlighting on /admin/workers/[id]

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Status:RejectedStart date:28/11/2016
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Category:Feature requests
Target version:QA - future



Same as on tests list the jobs list on the workers jobs table should show job dependencies as described in

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: The job list in the workers job table


  • Take a look how the job table in templates/admin/workers/show.html.ep is filled and compare to the /tests route
  • Apply the same mechanism to display job dependencies

Related issues

Copied from openQA Project - action #15088: Build overview should display dependency relations betwee... Closed 28/11/2016


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I guess it's not that helpful after all. Either one only has a single openQA worker instance and it's obvious that the single worker instance executes jobs one after another or for multiple openQA worker instances it is quite unlikely that dependant jobs are executed on the very same openQA worker instance unless it's a very restrictive worker class applying to a single instance only.

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