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Unrelated error in OpenQA needle editor upon saving

Added by vsvecova almost 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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While working on fixing needles for the firefox_gnomeshell module in my local instance of OpenQA (, I encountered the following error while saving the needle in the needle editor:
Unable to save needle: No areas defined.

The areas were specified though, and the needle was ready to be saved.

I tried the following to fix the issue:

  • open the editor again and recreate the same needle
  • log out of OpenQA and log in again
  • unchecking and checking back the relevant checkboxes The error persisted.

The needle eventually saved successfully when I selected the option in the field "Needle based on" to exactly match the field "Copy areas from".

The error message seems unrelated to the problem.


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Updated by okurz almost 7 years ago

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please take a look into the bug template

Do you know how to reproduce the issue?

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Updated by vsvecova almost 7 years ago

Hello Oliver, thanks for pointing me to the template.
I guess the issue is tricky to reproduce; it has happened to me a few times, seemingly at random occasions.

The error occurred when clicking the save button, while I was using the needle editor to create a new needle from an image based on a screenshot, with areas based on an older needle.

Last time I encountered the issue, I was trying to save the new needle with the "Needle based on" set to "None", while "Copy areas from" was populated with the old needle I was using as a basis. I eventually managed to save the needle without error after I selected the exact same options in the fields "Needle based on" and "Copy areas from", so I assume that this might be a clue here.

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I can not reproduce this. Maybe the issue has already been fixed in one of the latest changes concerning the needle editor. Does the issue still occur? If yes, it would be useful if you provide the output of the browser developer console in addition to a screenshot with the selected options. Since you're using a local instance, you could also provide the output of the web server (journalctl -u openqa-webui).

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Updated by mkittler over 6 years ago

I'm not 100 % sure whether I could reproduce exactly this issue, but the following PR should likely fix it:

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Updated by okurz over 6 years ago

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Did not hear of any further occurences. Let's assume it's resolved.

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Updated by vsvecova over 6 years ago

Indeed, I have not encountered this issue lately, so it seems that the above mentioned fix worked.

Thank you, mkittler!


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