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Easier way to clone jobs for test development

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In order to contribute to openQA, most of the people I know of, they are cloning a job from [] and then they add their test into that. So, while they are writing their new test, they have to run the whole build which might be consisted of 20-30 tests more or less. So, instead of waiting for a number of unreleated tests to finish (waste of time), I would like to propose a functionality where you can run only one = the test you are developing and you are interested into (e.g. java, or unzip).

So far, I managed to do that (credits to @Romanos) by creating a new medium, a new testsuite, a new jobgroup and modifying the accordingly. As a side effect, I have to play with git stash save and git stash pop and be careful to not submit unwanted changes (this hack) in The whole workflow is documented [here] and [here], but instead of working around it, I would prefer an official solution to that problem. Probably you guys have already something in mind ;)

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unfortunately not. What we can do is cloning the job with a setting where to insert your test so that the first run creates a qcow with the snapshot before that point. So that successive runs can start from that snapshot. But you can't isolate a test from the rest generically - as the SUT needs to be prepared in a custom way.

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With and we have two new variables for controlling the schedule so three in total: INCLUDE_MODULES, EXCLUDE_MODULES as well as SCHEDULE to define a completely custom schedule. In many cases people already use this to schedule a minimum test schedule, e.g. openqa-clone-job … <id> SCHEDULE=tests/boot/boot_to_desktop,tests/my/module . I guess this is (nearly) as simple as it gets. We could only work towards having tests/my/module depend automatically on tests/boot/boot_to_desktop but I guess this is out of scope for this ticket but could be covered by #44420


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