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Not give job state labeled when quantity of issues not equal quantity of failed modules

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Currently when you have a job which have more than one failed module linking single issue will make it labelled.
Which lead us to several negative things:

  • Job will disappear from TODO list while it's still have not all failures reviewed
  • Job will not appear in TODO list if another module will fail
  • Job group will get a badge when in a fact there are not reviewed issues behind and it is hard to detect without a lot of clicks

Note :
we still can have cases where one bug really cover few or even all failed modules in a job so this rules should have a workaround allowing comment one bug for few modules


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The request sounds specific to certain product needs, not suitable for openQA in general, e.g. not seen necessary for openSUSE at all – or unfeasible to maintain in the already tedious review effort. Also see #15898#note-2

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