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12:49 pm openQA Tests action #65091 (New): [qac][public cloud] Job creating tools image should be extended with self-test
Recently we faced with issue when a lot of jobs in PC were failing due to broken tools image . To not allow this happ...
08:07 am openQA Tests action #65049 (New): [qac][public cloud] Need to move LTP tests selection from openQA Test Suite ...
Better to have which tests we running under git , so we can track what was selected/unselected and why


09:32 am openQA Tests action #64761: [functional][y] wicked changed behavior to reload instead of restart on latest ver...
From #wicked channel in RC :
@asmorodskyi: Marius Tomaschewski regarding yesterday bug , looks like this reloa...


07:48 am openQA Tests action #64797 (In Progress): [kernel][public cloud] EC2 command fails to upload images


01:16 pm openQA Tests action #57647 (Feedback): [qac][wicked] Wicked 6 IPv6 - Managed on, prefix length != 64
11:26 am openQA Tests action #64761 (In Progress): [functional][y] wicked changed behavior to reload instead of restart...
After discussing with developers ( wicked and YaST ) it appears tha...


10:37 am openQA Project action #64322: Improve feedback on multi-machine API errors - after clarification from coolo is about need to catch improper combinati...


12:23 pm openQA Tests action #64243 (Resolved): test fails in mrsh_master
two needles added , all restarted jobs now passed
09:48 am openQA Tests action #64243 (In Progress): test fails in mrsh_master
will handle it


09:14 am openQA Project action #34978: Make log output of isotovideo fancier on manual calls, e.g. bring back colored output
after latest changes we have this :
[2020-02-24T01:39:44.318 UTC] [debug] tests/installation/

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