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UI improvements in jobs templates

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Some of the problems listed here are probably general, but I found them in jobs templates (/admin/job_templates/1).

  • Update page after change or have some notification about change. When I add or delete item, it's handled via ajax, but view doesn't update. It would help to have some notification that change was done or update view and have link for undo. Now I have to refresh page to have view updated (and have to know that I need to do it.
  • Is there a link for /admin/job_templates/1 (maybe it's somewhere I don't see it)? If not, I'd like to have it probably in "Logged as ..." menu.
  • '+' icon could be bigger (to help better clicking).


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#2 Updated by mkittler over 1 year ago

but view doesn't update

It actually updates the view. Likely this has already been fixed.

Is there a link for /admin/job_templates/1 (maybe it's somewhere I don't see it)? If not, I'd like to have it probably in "Logged as ..." menu.

In the "Logged as ..." menu you can click on "Job Groups". If you click on a group in the list, it will open the job templates page for that group. What is missing?

#3 Updated by mkittler 11 months ago

This only leaves

'+' icon could be bigger (to help better clicking)

But since we're restructuring the UI for this anyways this ticket likely not relevant anymore.

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We're moving to YAML and ditch this whole thing

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as stated in before, not that relevant anymore but besides the bigger plus I guess mkittler completed it so let's close as such

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