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coordination #121855: [epic] Agama web interactive installation

Add test for LVM installation

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Use Playwright and Page Object Model create a Typescript test that does an LVM installation with Agama.

Test should go to Storage, click on Use LVM, add user and root authentication, install the product and validate lvm via command line.


Installations of ALP Micro, ALP Bedrock and Tumbleweed using Agama for all architectures available in openQA (s390x and ppc64le excluded for now).

Acceptance criteria

AC1: Get familiar with Playwright and use the playwright test generator to get first version of your code.
AC2: Locate only the auto-generated code related with LVM activation and convert it to Page Object Model.
AC3: Add new test to our QE repo e2e-agama-playwright using that POM.
AC4: Add new test under folder tests/yam/validation/ that perform a simple validation of a LVM (perhaps we could reuse existing test module for validate?)

Additional information

Playwright documentation:
Playwright documentation - Page Object Model:
How to use playwright with Agama:
Notice that for development in your system, you will need to install playwright and run npx playwright test, due to in the live iso the command to run is different as described in doc above, playwright test.

Don't worry about anything else than LVM enablement from Storage page, so you can narrow the scope of this ticket to one POM.
The rest of the implementation, the main page, how to navigate from main page to storage page, etc, will be provided in a different PR, so it will be acceptable that only the part related with LVM is designed with POM and not the rest, the part related with the user creation will be also done without POM, just pick what you need using Playwright test generator, we will refactor it later.

IMPORTANT: While #130000 is not yet resolve, please add a call to yupdate in your test so live-cd can pick the new test/code you implement from a branch


Use_LVM.png (9.5 KB) Use_LVM.png JERiveraMoya, 2023-05-30 09:24
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Draft PR submitted, Still need to fulfill the validation for the LVM test.

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Maybe this module can be re-used for the validation for LVM, tests/console/

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Reminder: "AC2: Locate only the auto-generated code related with LVM activation and convert it to Page Object Model."

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PR merged for lvm test case.

Submitted PR to implement the lvm test in agama development job group.

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