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coordination #123583: [epic] Agama auto-installation

Run existing D-Installer CLI in ALP in Development group

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While YaST developers are working in new CLI for D-Installer, we should complete the integration with openQA to see what further adjustments we need.
See initial setup: #123586
In order to polish current setup for x86_64 we should take a look to:

  • Run all the dinstallerctl commands that are currently working (do not file bug for the ones that don't because there will be a new CLI, but mention to developers if something really wrong is seen, as new CLI could also face this issue).
  • password is different (where is coming from, cockpit default?, check with developers) and it would be handy to have same than for bernhard
  • fix reboot

(optional) consider to separate the code for booting live iso in a separate module, check with developers if livecd is decided to be the medium in future.

Acceptance criteria

AC1: Enable setup for aarch64 as well
AC2: Improve this initial setup creating dedicate test modules and addressing suggested improvements above

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It's not related with build.

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There aren't new builds for QE to test for ALP, we might need to use YaST Head like originally, but that is not really the standard way...
Let's resolve it for now.


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