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SUSE Hack Week 22 in the SUSE QE Tools team size:S

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SUSE conducts a Hack Week and we should use the opportunity for us in the SUSE QE Tools team efficiently.

Acceptance criteria

  • AC1: Every tools team member has a hack week project
  • AC2: Critical roles, e.g. alert duty, are still occupied and executed during Hack Week
  • AC3: Results of Hack Week project work by team members have been presented
  • AC4: Nobody has to attend regular calls during Hack Week (one can still join e.g. the daily of course)


  • Ask everybody to think about and decide for a Hack Week project
  • Optional: Everybody mention their Hack Week project in the ticket (but can also be shared with the team differently)
  • Ask for volunteers for the critical roles for the Hack Week period
  • Suggest when and where to present results, e.g. weekly coordination meeting or the Monday after hackweek
  • Await the presentation of results
  • Conduct a hackweek daily instead of the non-infra daily


#1 Updated by okurz 2 months ago

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#2 Updated by cdywan 2 months ago

My hackweek project of choice is going to be a typo-forgiving zypper search plugin.

#4 Updated by mkittler 2 months ago

  • Subject changed from SUSE Hack Week 22 in the SUSE QE Tools team to SUSE Hack Week 22 in the SUSE QE Tools team size:S
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#5 Updated by mkittler 2 months ago

  • I will as usual work on my projects on (for instance to implement a more modern UI for Syncthing Tray as an alternative to the Qt Widgets tree view) and likely also try to improve (which I have already done quite recently but there are still many things to improve).
  • I also want to look into using toolbox (or similar tools) to be able to use an alternative toolchain from a container with CMake and Qt Creator (e.g. to use older GCC versions on Tumbleweed or to use the mingw-w64 and Android packaging from Arch Linux on Tumbleweed).
  • I will also check the notebook marked to see whether it makes sense to replace my private notebook (where the heat pipe seems broken).
  • I will also likely attend on the "Hackweed Pizza & Beer" event at Frankencampus.

#6 Updated by mkittler 2 months ago

  • Assignee set to mkittler

#7 Updated by kraih 2 months ago

I'm letting a Mastodon poll decide my Hack Week project. :)

#8 Updated by mkittler 2 months ago

About AC2: I've already suggested in the chat that I'll take care of alerts but will pass the duty to another volunteer on the next day or so. So we'd basically keep the rotation but with an interval of a day or so.

#9 Updated by osukup 2 months ago

I'm will be working with Peter Simons on haskell packaging :D

#11 Updated by mkittler about 2 months ago

  • Status changed from Workable to Feedback

#13 Updated by okurz about 2 months ago

We chatted a bit about our results last virtual coffee break but not that many were there this week, let's give it another try next week. Anyway I suggest we resolve this ticket after the next Monday.

#14 Updated by mkittler about 1 month ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Resolved

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