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Rename images and tests for multi-architecture offline migrations/zdup/etc

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Status:ResolvedStart date:29/04/2016
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Category:Enhancement to existing tests
Target version:openQA Project - Milestone 3


We currently have a bunch of architecture specific test runs such as migration_offline_sle12_ppc

This was because we didn't have the variable expansion feature at time of creating the test, so we couldn't tell openQA to do something like use HDD_1=SLES-12-%ARCH%-gnome-sle12.qcow2

Now we can do that, we can remove the architecture specific scenarios and replace them with global ones

In order to do this the following tasks are required

  • Rename the images on to use a consistent naming convention
  • Change the scenarios on to use that naming convention for HDD_1
  • Remove the architecture specific scenarios

This will reduce the mess we have in the dashboard for architecture specific tests that don't need to be architecture specific.


#1 Updated by RBrownSUSE almost 4 years ago

after this is done the rollback_migration tests will also need to be tidied up to match

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  • Assignee set to dzedro

as discussed today in call.

#4 Updated by dzedro over 3 years ago

tests are renamed and ppc removed, I left images still there and will remove them when few new builds will be tested.
There are still tests om_proxyscc
with _ppc, but I wouldn't like to touch them because renaming this disk could affect some tests about which I have no idea.

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#8 Updated by okurz over 3 years ago

good job, thank you

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