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add linuxvnc based console

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linuxvnc allows to export tty device over vnc. With this openQA can handle
backends without actual graphic cards present, such as IPMI machines and exotic architectures.


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we can already handle IPMI machines. What else is missing here? Can someone be more specific about the feature request?

#2 Updated by rpalethorpe over 4 years ago

I think k0da is talking about this:

I guess it might be easier to run LinuxVNC than to expand the IPMI and/or virtio backends to work with new architectures/hardware. It is quite an inefficient way of sending text though, so if someone needs speed then it would be better to adapt the virtio backend. On the other hand LinuxVNC would easily allow you to use needles which would be useful with terminal based curses GUIs.

We are doing some pretty weird stuff with the proxy IPMI backend at the moment, so this might be a better way. I might look into it properly at some point for LTP and/or driver testing.

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