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Create equivalent yast2_firewall test module based on libyui-rest-api

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Originally filed as product bug for validation ( but the conclusion is that the previous behavior was as unexpected as the new one.
So in any case, the test should be adjusted to perform the right thing.

openQA test in scenario opensuse-Tumbleweed-DVD-x86_64-yast2_gui@64bit fails in


As it is recommended in the bug, we should consider here to create a separate version of this test module using libyui-rest-api.
The UI in this module is quite hard to test with shortcuts and needles.
This test module is mixing susefirewall2 with firewalld.
New qt version will reach soon SLE and other products when we will see the same failure. Seems that the \n triggers this different behavior.


Tumbleweed and SLE

Acceptance criteria

AC1: Create equivalent test module to yast2_firewall using libyui-rest-api with Pages needed.


Ignore the paths of code related with susefirewall2 when adapting the code.
Consider skip the Controller part of the design.


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