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2022-07-07 18:00 UTC: openSUSE Heroes meeting July 2022

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When: 2022-07-07 18:00 UTC / 20:00 CEST
Who: The openSUSE Heroes team and everybody else!

see/use checklist

NOTE: as discussed, the meeting is now on Thursday.


  • Questions and answers from the community
  • status reports about everything
  • review old tickets


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Consolidating static pages

Current state


  • (static page for maintenance of bugzilla.opensuse.org9
  • (static copy, updated ~once a year. Could be automated.)
  • (updated directly from Github - more or less static)
  • (updated directly from Github - deprecated page)
  • (updated directly from Github - deprecated page)
  • (updated directly from Github)
  • (updated directly from Github - Github content needs cleanup)
  • (updated directly from Github - deprecated page)
  • (updated directly from Github)


  • have at least one of these VMs in each openSUSE Infrastructure location (currently: Provo: yes, QSC: no)
  • have local haproxy servers prepared to route traffic to these local VMs

SLES12-SP5 machine.

Old webcontent, already obsoleted (just for reference):


Active services:

  • (is in + some additional updated content local on the machine)
  • Supybot, aka bugbot


  • move away from this machine
  • find another machine for the Supybot (community2 maybe?)
  • shut down this machine.

Used to build static webpages via jekyll.



  • enhance to push resulting static pages to the narwal-Setup.

Used to build static webpages

  • - pushed in via rsync


  • move other services to this host

  • (hosted at - generates images via cron/python)
  • release-notes ( - syncs packages from OBS via cron and unpacks them)
  • (Membership Management via phpMyAdmin)


  • generated release-notes could be pushed to static servers
  • generated countdown.o.o could be pushed to static servers

haproxy setups


  • Make the following backends (and their frontends) available in all locations:
    • backend conncheck
    • backend deadservices
    • backend hydra
    • backend mirrorcache (?)
    • backend security_txt
    • backend wip

Future state

  • Services and Servers are consolidated and specialized
    • Public servers providing only static content
    • Page generators have - depending on their complexity - own servers and push the generated content to the static machines
  • Static pages are redundant
    • each openSUSE infrastructure location has it's own static servers
    • Page generator servers could stay unique, but should synchronize to all static servers

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Migrating to 15.4

Current status from our Salt managed machines:
1 CentOS Stream 8
2 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5
6 openSUSE Tumbleweed
9 openSUSE Leap 15.3
58 openSUSE Leap 15.4

CentOS 8 - still needed?


  • - see other topic
  • - will stay


  • - tbd with Henne. As Hackweek and oSC are over, there might be time for migration now
  • - anyone ?
  • - l01n using celery (on python3 already). Shouldn't be that hard to migrate.
  • - Build Solutions machine. People are informed and want to migrate during one of their next sprints
  • - wiki
  • - wiki
  • - wiki
  • - wiki
  • - wiki

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2022-07-07 heroes meeting

status reports:

  • Per mostly working on tickets
  • countdown.o.o ported to python 3 by cboltz
  • elections.o.o migrated to 15.4
  • created some merge requests in Salt
  • discussion about all the additional domains belonging to openSUSE (opensuse.*)
    • decision: redirect most requests to www.o.o (instead of historically download.o.o)
  • gitlab runners are currently horribly slow: needs testing of the whole setup/workflow chain, which might not be quickly to solve.
  • bind in 15.4 no longer does chroot, which broke some things including query log rotation (and filled some disks)
  • upgrade of galera cluster went surprisingly very smooth. No data loss and quick DB upgrades (new DB version)
  • mailman3:
    • held messages in the queues should be deleted automatically for *-auto lists, because: more or less nobody cares anyway.
    • for human lists, the story is a bit more complicated - but over all, having more than 100 held messages in one list, it's not realistic to asume that a human will clean up the list of held messages manually
    • -> configure *-auto messages to discard messages right away (can be changed for debugging at any time)
    • -> implement an automatism that will delete all but the last 100 held messages in a list. This should leave a chance for human moderators to look at least for the most common held messages.
  • work on discourse is progressing: the import of old forum messages is - honestly - a nightmare because of the changed locale settings inside the DB. Idea: only migrate content starting 2011.
    • /blog.php and /content.php articles won't be migrated

Machine upgrades

  • most machines are already migrated to Leap 15.4, and some to Tumbleweed (see for details)
  • wiki update worked for the english wiki, but produced funny errors on the other languages. Needs time to analyze and fix the problems


  • ask on the project mailing list about feedback / needs
  • if feedback is positive, provide a PoC for testing - including some of the public plugins

Google MX

  • it's still kind of a game of luck if Emails from * get delivered to Google accounts. Other mail providers seem to be either more relaxed or not so evil (depending on your view). Seems like we can not do much about this (other than asking people to switch to a collaborative Mail provider).

HA setup for static / "rendered" content:

  • really static content (like static.o.o, shop.o.o) already gets served by multiple machines
  • we'll also do this for "rendered" content like jekyll-generated pages (news.o.o, get.o.o etc.) - it will be generated on one machine, and then rsync'd to multiple webservers

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