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Check if we can give away our left-over 10G cisco switch

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mgriessmeier approached me and asked if we have a 10G switch left-over to giveaway for the QE SAP team. Tasks to do:

  • Check what model the switch is, what capabilities it has (ports, technology, etc)
  • (mgriessmeier) Check if the model is even relevant for QE SAP



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The switch is qanet40nue, Novell inventory ID DE2041, switch is Cisco SG500XG-8F8T 16-Port 10-Gigabit Stackable Managed Switch, 8x Copper, 8xSFP+

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I'd like to keep the "next-office-day" as backlog for physical activities which can be done. Not sure if removing the tag is the right approach but I'd try it for now.

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Lets discuss this on May 23rd, see

I like the idea in general. For our production openqa we probably still need to look to Juniper, since we want SUSE IT to look after the network longer term.
But for short term and maybe development QE systems this switch is likely good, same as my Dell S4128F-ON. Then there are also the Mikrotik mentioned by mgriessmeier

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As mentioned by @LMartin we discussed that we will mainly use new juniper hardware bought by us. The Cisco switch here can be used as backup if we encounter some need for it in the future.

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