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16:29 openQA Tests action #95458: [qe-sap][ha] SUT reboots unexpectedly, leading to tests failing in HA scenarios auto_review:"(?s)tests/ha.*(command.*timed out|Test died).*match=root-console timed out":retry
This ticket describes SUT reboots which are unexpected and *sporadic*, e.g. #note-31 and #note-32 from a year ago. In... LMartin


15:39 openSUSE Release Process action #114974: [qe-sap] hana-install is failing on SLE15SP4 SAP
ok, I checked with LinuxLab. It seems the HANA installer no longer checks the OS version it is installing on, so I wa... LMartin
07:31 openSUSE Release Process action #114974: [qe-sap] hana-install is failing on SLE15SP4 SAP
Kind of interesting this only comes up now. Where were the past HANA install fails reported on 15 SP4? FCS was a whi... LMartin


13:28 openQA Infrastructure action #111159: Check if we can give away our left-over 10G cisco switch
Lets discuss this on May 23rd, see
I like the i...


16:05 qe-yam coordination #110848 (Resolved): [epic] Extend SLE testing with RMT registration
The following two bugs using standard RMT functionality were found at SAP recently, but it would have been better for... LMartin


14:18 openQA Tests action #108114: [qe-core] test fails in addon_products_sle
dzedro wrote:
> tjyrinki_suse wrote:
> > New problem in QR.
> >
> > It seems like a product change that now ther...

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