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[qem] test fails in nginx zypp install on all sles versions

Added by martinsmac about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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openQA test in scenario sle-12-SP5-Server-DVD-Updates-x86_64-mau-webserver@64bit fails in

Test suite description

Testsuite maintained at


Fails since (at least) Build 20220201-1 (current job)

Expected result

Last good: 20220131-1 (or more recent)

Further details

Always latest result in this scenario: latest

Test died: 'zypper -n in nginx' failed with code 104 (ZYPPER_EXIT_INF_CAP_NOT_FOUND)


Related zypper logs:
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <1> susetest(16990) [zypper:req++] query: kinds: package 
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <1> susetest(16990) [zypper:req++] repos: ALL
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <1> susetest(16990) [zypper:req++] version: ANY 
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <1> susetest(16990) [zypper:req++] status: ALL
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <1> susetest(16990) [zypper:req++] string match flags: GLOB|SKIP_KIND
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <1> susetest(16990) [zypper:req++] strings: 
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <1> susetest(16990) [zypper:req++] attributes: 
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <1> susetest(16990) [zypper:req++] * solvable:name: nginx 
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <1> susetest(16990) [zypper:req++] predicated: 
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <1> susetest(16990) [zypper:req++] last attribute matcher compiled: 
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <1> susetest(16990) [zypper:req++] not yet compiled
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <1> susetest(16990) [zypper:req++] 
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <2> susetest(16990) [zypper:req] nginx cap:nginx not found
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <5> susetest(16990) [zypp] THROW:    name or capability not found
2022-01-31 22:49:22 <5> susetest(16990) [zypp] CAUGHT:   name or capability not found at sle/lib/ line 586.
    utils::zypper_call("in nginx") called at sle/lib/services/ line 21
    services::nginx::install_service() called at sle/tests/console/ line 20
    nginx::run(nginx=HASH(0x559be7138370)) called at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/ line 360
    eval {...} called at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/ line 354
    basetest::runtest(nginx=HASH(0x559be7138370)) called at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/ line 372
    eval {...} called at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/ line 372
    autotest::runalltests() called at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/ line 242
    eval {...} called at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/ line 242
    autotest::run_all() called at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/ line 296
    autotest::__ANON__(Mojo::IOLoop::ReadWriteProcess=HASH(0x559be785d148)) called at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.26.1/Mojo/IOLoop/ line 326
    eval {...} called at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.26.1/Mojo/IOLoop/ line 326
    Mojo::IOLoop::ReadWriteProcess::_fork(Mojo::IOLoop::ReadWriteProcess=HASH(0x559be785d148), CODE(0x559be877a248)) called at /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.26.1/Mojo/IOLoop/ line 488
    Mojo::IOLoop::ReadWriteProcess::start(Mojo::IOLoop::ReadWriteProcess=HASH(0x559be785d148)) called at /usr/lib/os-autoinst/ line 298
    autotest::start_process() called at /usr/bin/isotovideo line 261

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#2 Updated by pdostal about 1 year ago

#3 Updated by pdostal about 1 year ago

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This seems to be fixed. Please feel free to reopen if you notice something unusual.

#4 Updated by tjyrinki_suse about 1 year ago

This run happened yesterday with similar errors:

#5 Updated by pdostal about 1 year ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to In Progress

Hello Timo, thank you for the report.
The system lacks Server Applications module.

There are two option now for SLE:

  • Should I add this module in my test?
  • Or skip it when this module is missing?

#6 Updated by pdostal about 1 year ago

Why QR uses only few addons?

MRU_ADDONS sdk,base,desktop,we

In f.e. aggregates, the list is wider:

MRU_ADDONS we,sdk,base,script,serverapp,desktop,legacy,contm,python2

#7 Updated by pdostal about 1 year ago

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I am still waiting for the answer from Core team.

#8 Updated by pdostal about 1 year ago

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The error Timo mentioned is specific to QR tests configuration.
Please open new ticket specifically for the QR if needed.

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