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[saga][epic] Easy multi-machine handling: MM-tests as first-class citizens

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  • Easy triggering of multi-machine tests, similar as for single-machine tests -> #103965
  • Easy re-triggering of multi-machine tests, similar as for single-machine tests, both from webUI as well as CLI -> #103971
  • Dependency view also when not looking at "latest" jobs -> #59969
  • Better feedback in case of problems -> #64322
  • Top-level view of results of a cluster, e.g. show summary result for the complete cluster, e.g. passed or failed depending on individual results -> #15850


coordination #15850: [epic] Improve displaying job dependenciesResolvedmkittler

action #59969: Display job dependency tab not only for latest jobs Resolvedmkittler

action #69976: Show dependency graph for cloned jobsResolvedmkittler

action #107311: The dependency tree of `openqa-clone-job --clone-children` is brokenResolvedmkittler

action #109809: Show job relations for parallel/children jobs also on the tests overview page /tests/overview (mainly for parallel jobs) size:MResolvedmkittler

action #110719: Fold ok clusters by default, unfold if there is any non-ok resultResolvedmkittler

coordination #56999: [epic] Run post-fail hook when cancelling cluster jobs?New

coordination #64322: [epic] Improve feedback on multi-machine API errorsResolvedmkittler

action #103425: Ratio of multi-machine tests alerting with ratio_mm_failed 5.280 size:MResolvedmkittler

coordination #103965: [epic] Easy triggering of multi-machine tests, similar as for single-machine testsFeedbackokurz

action #71809: Enable multi-machine jobs trigger without "isos post"Resolvedmkittler

coordination #103971: [epic] Easy *re*-triggering and cloning of multi-machine testsBlockedmkittler

action #69979: Advanced job restarting via the web UIResolvedokurz

action #95783: Provide support for multi-machine scenarios handled by openqa-investigate size:MBlockedmkittler

action #107746: Some directly chained jobs are skipped by openQAResolvedmkittler

action #108476: The siblings jobs with START_DIRECTLY_AFTER_TEST are all cancelledResolvedmkittler

coordination #110458: [epic] Improve `RETRY=…`-behavior for jobs with dependenciesNew


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As we concluded another saga we can pick up this one into the backlog.

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this has enough subtasks so keep it as blocked by subtasks for now

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