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Switch keyboard before the dialog is ready

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openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP4-Online-aarch64-installer_extended@aarch64 fails in


  1. Clarify if it is an issue in a product or just we the test it too fast (Select "Keyboard layout" using libyui-rest-api and check if Keyboard Layout is changed);
  2. If it is a timing issue, follow one of the suggestions in "Assumptions" section of the ticket.


After testing it manually we can see that the Keyboard Test succeed, so we need to ensure to not switch to French too soon, specially
for slower aarchs. Perhaps using a different UI control to know that all is loaded or checking existence of value some drop-down menu.


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After reading Alex's PR, I m curious, I know that we fixed the issue, but shouldn't this be also a potential minor product bug?

The combobox with keyboard layout does load with English(US) selected initially, but it looks that they have added some code to make it double sure that it is selected by re-selecting English(US) some code executions down the line.
To me it looks like it could be remainder patch code from before. Maybe there is no valid reason to do this re-selection any more?

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