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Investigate black screen between lockscreen

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There is a black screen appearing while openqa tests are either unlocking screen or logging in to gnome, or shutting down. Examples:
QAM test:

We could try to check if indeed there is a bug here ( see bug#1168979 ) or in case it's openqa taking too long to switch screens for archs like ppc64le and s390x, we can implement a better workaround than this: which sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. Creating a new needle doesn't really help, because the needle matches too many times and this failure can happen:


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As already mentioned in
one of the failures is just matching needle of cached screen after switching to x11,
generic-desktop match but after pressing keys desktop-runner failed because job is on displaymanager-password-prompt
But there are also issues on s390x, probably bug and another failures which are mixed together.
Many jobs are marked with bsc#1168979 but they are completely unrelated.

#4 Updated by dzedro 7 months ago

There is issue on SLE 15* s390x where after login GDM can't connect to display :1 gdm[1662]: Unable to connect to display ::1:1
This is somehow triggered by screensaver, still collecting some info to update
As workaround disable screensaver on s390x

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latest build for SLE-15-SP4 we haven't see any issue.

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