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06:50 openQA Tests action #100536 (Rejected): [sle][security][backlog][feature][ECO] SLE-18539 - QA: FIPS: supply a go built with openssl linkage
As confirmation, I think this would be not our scope at the moment. Rejected. Thanks.
06:47 openQA Tests action #89122: [sle][security][backlog] fips: add some more openssl tests, dhparam and also s_server/s_client
Let's wait for the bug fixes and do the manual test again.
06:44 openQA Tests action #81763: [sle][security][backlog][FIPS] Implement & Integrate 389ds + sssd test case into openQA
The poo is still an blocker.
Blocked by
06:43 openQA Tests action #88473: [sle][security][sle15sp3] Implement "389ds + sssd" test in FIPS mode
The Bug is still a blocker
06:38 openQA Tests action #81268: [sle][security][backlog][FIPS] Implement & Integrate squid test case into openQA
2 bugs are still blocked and still in backlog.
06:36 openQA Tests action #81280 (Rejected): [sle][security][backlog][FIPS] Implement & Integrate wireless wlan wpa_supplicant test case into openQA
I think we can reject this test as the Certification team don't have hardware for testing and it's not necessary for ...
06:33 openQA Tests action #102767 (New): [sle][security][backlog][FIPS] Rename and restruture the test cases corresponding to FIPS ceritified modules in FIPS Security job group
My original thought is that we can reclassify the test cases into different groups.
From the list:
05:09 openQA Tests action #112181 (Rejected): [sle][security][backlog][FIPS] test fails in openvswitch_ssl due to POX and python3 updated
POX and OVS and python are updated, so this case need to reconsider if we still need it and refactor.
05:07 openQA Tests action #113165 (Resolved): [sle][security][backlog][FIPS]Implement installation test with separate /boot partition - make sure it can pass on next official build
Should be the same case and fixed.
05:05 openQA Tests action #113162: [security][FIPS] Implement & Integrate LUKS test case into openQA - make sure test can pass in new official build
Still in security backlog and to see if there is any enhancement for SP5 or ALP.

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