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11:07 openSUSE admin tickets #53699: need a VM for running apache+vbulletin
I guess it depends on whom you ask. Some people had serious concerns and don't like to run vbulletin at all.


23:31 openSUSE admin tickets #53984: Whitelisting my username on gitlab instance
Is this still an issue? If so, what is the actual username? Feel free to reach out to me in IRC (kbabioch @ Freenode ...


22:29 openSUSE admin tickets #50849 (Resolved): New CNAME request -
Also added the re-direction(s) on loadbalancer(s). Done with this ticket.
22:21 openSUSE admin tickets #50849: New CNAME request -
I've created the record and its already live:
dig @
; <<>> DiG 9.14.8 <<>> @


11:47 openSUSE admin tickets #57500 (Resolved): kruemel.infra.o.o: ssh and salt broken
Yes, machine is back up and running and issues are resolved. See mail thread for more details.


11:25 openSUSE admin tickets #59920: New DNS infrastructure for openSUSE domains
More than happy (and personally interested) to help out here.


14:57 openSUSE admin tickets #59400: Request for new mailing list
Adjusted virtual map, will take a couple of minutes to get deployed. Assigning back for final testing and/or marking ...


14:03 openSUSE admin tickets #54977: kubernetes access broken again
At least we identified that the Velum container is not running on
Aug 29 14:01:21 ...


13:45 openQA Infrastructure action #54137: Upgrade osd to a supported Leap version (from 42.3)
After having a look on I've noticed that Postfix was removed, which also triggered the monitoring chec...
11:11 openSUSE admin tickets #55754: New Mailinglist Request "libeconf-devel@o.o"
I've done the change to the virtual map. Assigning it back in case there is something else needed (e.g. description)....

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